My website - Improved UX

UI / UX Design.

This is kind of exasperating when you have ideas that you cannot do, limited by technic. So, I imagine what could be my website if I could code.
I wanted to put some mouvement and interaction. Simply and effectively, I want my website to be living as and when user scroll down.

The main idea, in the homepage, is to interact with users. Why should they remain spectators ? So by drawing on the page, they can be actors and designers as good as me. It could engaged users and arouse their curiosity.
We can imagine being able to change size of the brush. Or the possibility to save the drawings, or write something and send it to me.


Here are some ways to reveal elements.
The thing is to not have a static website. I like when it moves and live.

A website is not a website without a loading animation!
Loading animations are a good way to be both functional and creative.
Loading times are boring when they are to long. So to prevent from users to quit the page, let's give us something cool to see.

To be continued...